The Cash-Money Watch of the Century

Things smell beautiful, until they make you sneeze!

Things smell beautiful, until they make you sneeze!

Image via Wikimedia Commons


Gasoline     9.66 gal @ $2.82/gal = $27.35

10/17- EWC

Exfoliating scrub     $38

Tip     $8

10/18- MACY’S

Underwear (6 pairs for $25) and some new fake pearls (for $29)     $56.07


Apple     $1.10
Cocoa powder     $1.33

TOTAL     $2.43

10/19- MICHAEL’S

Pack of cards     $2.99

TAX     $0.25
TOTAL     $3.24

10/19- MICHAEL’S

A shit ton of card decorating stickers     $27.92

TAX     $2.30
TOTAL     $30.22

10/20- KROGER

Barilla pasta sauce     2 @ $1.88/each = $3.76
Pie     $3.99

SUB/TOTAL     $7.75


Three pairs of pants     $8.37

Environmental Fee     $0.45
TAX     $0.73
TOTAL     $9.55


Burger     FREE
Medium drink     $1.84
Medium fries     $1.84

SUBTOTAL     $3.68
TAX     $0.30
TOTAL     $3.98

10/21- SAM’S CLUB

Certirizine     $16.48


Gasoline     9.18 gal @ $2.64/gal = $24.32

Also, I paid my rent and stuff:

RENT- $739
WATER/SHIT- $46.12
RELIANT- $38.07

So all the other stuff adds up to $227.39.  With bills, that makes it $1,050.58.  I’ve attempted to be very conscious of my spending this month and look at things and consider the legitimate question of “need/want.”  The underwear, I justified not only because of the price but because of the need: there are holes in mine!  I also got a free Sam’s membership for a month, so I went ahead and got a pack of allergy pills.  That is over a year’s supply at about $17.  Please note that I will be returning my other 90-day supply bottle from Walmart that costed MORE than that. While costclubbing all your purchases is not the only way to go on all things (nobody needs 5 lbs of fruit, yo), it is sincerely silly not to check out the prices and know what is cheaper through them. Also, I have to be aware of what I will actually go through and what I won’t.  I go through things like gum, candy, cereal (Froot Loops and such), and toilet paper pretty frequently, so it makes sense to purchase those in large quantities at a decent price.

The other side of the coin is this: I live in an apartment, and space is limited.  I already filled up my laundry room storage space with excessive amounts of toilet paper, so I really don’t have space to stock up on any other stuff like that.  Similarly, there is no good reason to buy a three-pack of orange juice when I barely go through a pitcher in a month.  The only time I went through one in a week was when my manfriend drank some with breakfast.  Also, I still have the container of detergent I bought for myself in March sitting on a shelf, waiting to be opened.  I think I MIGHT actually open it next month, since the package my parents gave me has lasted me since April.

Also, gas prices dropped nicely.  I love when that happens.  When was the last time it was below $3?  Love it, especially since I’m driving to Addison tomorrow…


Blackberries     $2.98
Blueberries     $2.50
Guacamole minis     $2.99
Croutons     $1.99
Lettuce     $0.99
Honeycrisp apples     $4.81
Mini orange pumpkin     $0.77
Baby carrots, organic     $1.50
Tomatoes     $3.00 (2 @ $1.50/each)
Horizon mac & cheese     $1.99
Mac & cheese     $1.99
Sprouts mac & cheese     $1.98 (2 @ $0.99/each)
Honey roasted peanut butter     $3.99

TAX     $0.06
TOTAL     $31.54


I paid them in person and waited for forever….the usual $77.19


Gasoline     12.245 gal @ $3.02/gal = $37.09


Bread     $2.88
Eggs     $1.98
Sausage     $3.48
Bacon     $2.98

SUB/TOTAL     $11.32


Toilet paper     $11.97
Dove soap     $6.88 – $1.00 MANU. COUPON = $5.88

SUBTOTAL     $17.85
TAX     $1.47
TOTAL     $19.32

10/7- CVS

Birth control     FREE
Fluticasone prescription spray     $12.28

TOTAL     $12.28

10/8- BRAUM’S

Single dip of peppermint icecream     $1.39

TAX     $0.11
TOTAL     $1.50


Peas     $1.50 – $0.51 = $0.99
Peas     $1.50 – $0.51 = $0.99
Peas     $1.50 – $0.51 = $0.99
Green Giant frozen veggies (4 @ $0.88/each)     $3.52

TOTAL     $6.49


Admission      $8

10/10- KROGER

Bertolli chocolate cake     $3.00
Bertolli chocolate cake     $3.00
Annie’s mac & cheese     3 @ $1.00/each = $3.00
Blue Bell pint of ice cream     $1.50
Blue Bell different pint of ice cream     $1.50
Snyder’s pretzels     $3.49
-$1.00 MANU. COUPON (for the Bertolli desserts)

TOTAL     $14.49

10/11- SPROUTS

Baby carrots     $1.69
Blackberries     2 @ $2.50/each = $5.00
Grape tomatoes     2 @ $2.00/each = $4.00
Green leaf lettuce     $1.29
Strawberries     $2.99
Low fat milk     $3.39
Yogurt     $2.50
Neon gummy worms     $3.03
Ground beef, grass-fed     $4.39

TAX     $0.25
TOTAL     $28.53

10/14- WALMART

Colander     $1.97
Eggs     $1.54
Scope mouthwash     $3.97 – $1.00 MANU. COUPON = $2.97
Resolve “Spray N Wash” cleaner     $2.48
Generic zyrtec pills     $19.92
Systane eye drops     $10.97 – $3.00 MANU. COUPON = $7.97
Tic tacs, 4 pack     $2.88 – $0.75 MANU. COUPON = $2.13
Extra gum 3 pack     $2.24
Gum (Orbit?)     $2.24
Altoids     $1.64 – $0.50 MANU. COUPON = $1.14
Hershey’s trick-or-treat bag of chocolate     $4.68
Oil bottle     $4.28
Swiffer wet refills     $4.44
Toilet bowl freshers     2 @ $0.47/each = $0.94
Foil     $2.98
Orange juice     $3.00
Parmesan cheese     $3.98
Cheerios     $3.48 – $0.50 MANU. COUPON = $2.98
Fiber One streusel bars     $2.98 – $0.50 MANU. COUPON = $2.48

SUBTOTAL     $76.24
TAX     $2.44
TOTAL     $78.68

So this was $249.24.  As you sit there and judge me: yes, I attended a football game for $8 and only sat through 1/2 of it.  So sue me.  It was great, I got to watch the marching bands perform, and then I got to go to the grocery store.  And, I might add, I saw a peregrine falcon chilling at the Kroger, so that alone was worth being out at a grocery store on a Friday night.

Picture via Dolovis via Wikimedia Commons

Otherwise, most of this spending is uneventful. My man friend and I made some lasagna that was fairly good (I figured out what we were doing wrong, so in a month, once we are no longer sick of lasagna, we will make it again).  Also, my freezer is nice and full now.  This is for sure a first-world problem: how am I going to eat it all?  And for once, the ratio of sweets to healthy food is not 5:1.  It is more like 3:1.  It’s all those vegetables I bought…

Mainly, I can not stress enough the importance of coupons to me.  I don’t want to go all “dorky coupon girl” on you, but really: clip the good coupons and plan your trips accordingly!  As you can see, I did pretty well at Walmart, and I used the majority of the coupons I brought with me (the exception being one for Skittles.  I looked at the package and thought about how much I like my teeth without additional cavities in them, so I walked away.), so it wasn’t a total loss.  Keep in mind, I do spend about 20 minutes a week reviewing the grocery ads sent out during the week to decide where to go.  Albertson’s was having a super cheap deal on frozen veggies, so I made a special trip there to get what I needed.  I obeyed the limits on the circular, my freezer is full, and I didn’t have to spend a terrible amount of money to do it.




The biggest of them all.

The biggest of them all.

Picture taken by ME. Take that!

Before you start reading all the things I bought at the grocery store, you should know that I hosted about six people in my apartment for a small gathering where I cooked for everyone and made tasty tacos.  The funny thing was, I figured that buying all the food would be the expense that put me over this month, but let’s not lie, it was the State Fair, despite my free entry.  And more importantly, I’m not gonna lie to myself: the State Fair is badass, and I did spend money on it.

And you know what?  I had a lovely time there.


Gasoline     9.360 gal @ $3.06/gal = $28.73

9/23- KROGER

Paper towels (multi-pack)     $4.99 – $0.50 MANU. COUPON = $4.49
Cheese     $1.99
Taco seasoning     2 @ $0.50/each = $1.00
Tortillas     2 @ $1.59/each = $3.18
Huge avocado     $0.99
Normal avocados     $5.34 (I got 6 normal ones.)
Yellow onions (2)     $1.18
Roma tomatoes     $1.38
Lettuce     $0.99
Ground beef (1 lb package)    2 @ $3.99/each = $7.98
Milk     $2.97
Tortilla chips     $1.59
More tortilla chips     $2.50
Kroger brand diet cola     $0.89
Kroger brand diet lemon lime     $0.89
Ginger ale     $1.00
Ginger ale     $1.00

TAX     $0.68
TOTAL     $40.04


Strawberries     $2.99
Blackberries     $2.50
Blueberries     $2.50
Grape tomatoes     $1.50
Lettuce     $1.50
Honeycrisp apples     $4.76
Milk     $3.39
Yogurt, big container     $3.49

TOTAL     $22.12

9/27- DART

Two train tickets     $10


Entry tickets     $0 (the benefits of working as an educator)
State fair coupons     $25 (used to purchase some wine and also some salt water taffy)


Tennis shoes     $39.97
Warm coat/jacket hybrid     $64.97

SUBTOTAL     $104.94
TAX     $8.66
TOTAL     $113.60

GIFT CARD     $102.72
LEFTOVER:     $10.88 (paid with debit card)

So this all adds up to $136.77.

I also need to list my standard expenses:

Rent: $739*
Water/trash/etc: $42.61*
Time Warner Cable: $77.19
Dallas Morning News: $11.52
My mother: $45
Electricity: $51.93 (September was a bitch for my A/C, clearly)*
LA Fitness: $32.46


Okay, so I did all my math (note to self: do this another way next year with a spread sheet, because you make it so much more complicated than it needs to be), and my grand total this month was $1,445.56.  This means I went $45.56 over my low-end budget goal.  I am slightly disappointed in myself, but hey, I got really close to it.  That’s a great step in the right direction, and that’s what Dave Ramsey/(insert your favorite budgeting person here) tells you to do: baby steps.  Budgeting is a pain in the ass, no one ever said that saving money would be easy or a ha-ha, funny-good time. It requires effort.  But the satisfaction that comes with doing it right…damn, there’s no better feeling.

Except when you get to eat chocolate cake, or really, any kind of dessert.





From Wikimedia Commons Annick MONNIER

From Wikimedia Commons Annick MONNIER

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Totally understand now why people loved the “Frozen” movie.  It was just awesome and fun.  Also, my manfriend started singing some of the songs when we left the apartment to go run errands, so clearly it was impactful.

Also, while you may have noticed that I shop at Sprouts more, you may think to yourself, “Some favor that girl is doing to herself.  That shit is expensive.”  See, that’s what I thought, too, until I actually started looking at my receipts.  It isn’t terribly expensive, and more importantly, I get exactly what I need fruit-and-veggie wise, and the quality is hard to beat.

Granted, let’s see how things are in December, too, but really…


Guacamole minis     $2.99
Gala apples     $1.27
Grape tomatoes     $1.50
Green leaf lettuce    $1.29
Navel oranges     $1.72
Raspberries     $0.98
Seedless grapes     $3.05

TOTAL     $12.80


Eye exam     $50


Tip     $8


Eyebrow threading     $12


Baby carrots     $1.69
Strawberries     $2.99
Blackberries     $3.75 (got three packages at 4 for $5)
Guacamole minis     $2.99 (this is the best $2.99 I spend every week)
Grape tomatoes     $2.00
Russet potatoes     $1.01
Yellow peaches     $1.42
Chocolove bar     $2.79
Dark chocolate bar     $1.99

TAX     $0.39
TOTAL     $21.02


Barbacoa bowl     $7.20
Barbacoa burrito     $7.20
Guacamole     $1.95

SUBTOTAL     $16.35
TAX     $1.35
TOTAL     $17.70


"spa" + castle image = Spa Castle

“spa” + castle image = Spa Castle

Goal this month: Spend between $1400 and $1900.  Which may or may not happen, since I know that I have to spend $125 for a doctor’s appt for sure tomorrow, and the optometrist is going to look at my eyes tomorrow, too, and I don’t know how much they will charge.

Oh, and my prescription will need to be refilled.  It’ll be about $700.  But it’s a six month supply, so I’ll be okay with that.


Cat food, large size     $29.99
Prescription cat food, large size     $42.59

SUBTOTAL    $72.58
TAX    $2.47
TOTAL     $75.05


Gasoline     5.089 gal @ $3.11/gal = $15.87

9/4- SPEC’S

Gift    $23.74


Strawberry margarita    $6.25
Beer    $7.90
Chicken enchiladas    $8.25
Beef quesadillas     $10.99
Water     $0.00

SUBTOTAL     $33.39
TAX    $2.76
SUBTOTAL W/ TAX     $36.15
GRATUITY (Group)     $6.01
TOTAL     $42.16 – $20 contribution by significant other = $22.16


Dole frozen fruit bag    $2.99 – $1.00 = 1.99
Eggs     $1.99
Frozen dessert pie thing     $2.99 – $1.00 = $1.99
Frozen dessert pie thing     $2.99 – $1.00 = $1.99
Bertolli frozen dessert     $2.99
Digiorno pizza    $3.89
Meat loaf dinner    $5.99 – $1.00 = $4.99
Beef tips dinner     $5.99 – $1.00 = $4.99
Milk    $2.50
Yogurts    3 @ $0.40/each = $1.20
Raspberries     $0.97
Raspberries     $0.97
Blackberries    $3.49
Bread    $1.79 (Notable: no chemical taste, despite what I suspect is more high fructose corn syrup and such.)
Lettuce    $0.99
Organic something    $1.50
Peaches    $2.91
Strawberries    $2.50
Grape tomatoes   $2.00

TOTAL    $45.64


Canyon Oaks cabernet    $4.99
Radius cabernet    $9.99
Wink Risque Red    $7.99

SUBTOTAL    $22.97
TAX    $1.90
TOTAL    $24.87

9/11- CVS

Contact lens case   $3.99
Daily cleaner    $5.99

SUBTOTAL    $9.98
TAX    $0.82
TOTAL    $10.80


Gym dues     $32.46


Guacamole minis     $2.99
Gala apples     $1.27
Grape tomatoes    $1.50
Green leaf lettuce    $1.29
Navel oranges    $1.72
Raspberries    $0.98
Red seedless grapes    $3.05

TOTAL    $12.80

9/13- KROGER

Milk    $3.19
Barilla pasta    5 @ $1.00/each = $5.00
Peach tea     $2.99
Drink mix     $2.50
Raspberry yogurt     3 @ $0.40/ each = $1.20
Kroger drink mix     $1.39
– $1.00 MANU. COUPON (these are the kind that are put out by the store, so I was surprised some punk-ass extreme-couponer from the area had not already stolen all of the coupons)

TAX    $0.11
TOTAL    $15.38


Gasoline     10.238 gal @ $3.139/gal = $32.14


Entry fee $35 – $10 paid by friend = $25
Drinks, food, etc. inside $17.82

TOTAL     $42.82 (totally worth it)

I am at $353.73 for the month right now.  And my low-end goal (which I always strive for) is $1,400?  That means I have $1,046.27 left to spend, most of which will be on bills, yes?  Well, about $835, if you consider rent/trash/electric, which I haven’t paid this month yet.

So basically, I will be glad I bought all that pasta on the cheap, because now, I will be raiding my cupboard for all things food since I am officially poor this month.  Great.

Game plan: Get a Netflix subscription so I will have less incentive to leave my house for any entertainment.  Eat all meals at home. Only buy fruit and milk and bread until you get paid.  We’re talking bare necessities.  Try to survive the month.

Also, my credit card balance is back to zero.  Hell’s Yes!



Gasoline     12.396 gal @ $3.09/gal = $38.42 (regular price per gal = $3.19)

8/24- TARGET

Ice cube trays     $1.99
GoGo apple saucw squeezers (4 pk)     $2.00
Dannon yogurts     $3.79 – $1.00 MANU. COUPON = $2.79

SUBTOTAL     $6.78
TAX     $0.16
TOTAL     $6.94


Animal crackers     $2.48 – $0.55 MANU. COUPON = $1.93 (This bag filled my container about 3/4 of the way, and it was INFINITELY cheaper than the one I was planning to buy.  That I couldn’t find.  I guess this worked out for me.)
Notebook paper     $0.75
Lasagna noodles     $1.68
Teddy grahams     $2.98
Teddy grahams     $2.98 – $0.75 MANU. COUPON = $2.23
Tilapia fillets     $7.98
Salmon     $9.88
Shredded mozzarella cheese     $3.48
Shredded cheese     $3.24
Dry erase markers     $2.97
Papermate pens     $2.47 – $0.50 MANU. COUPON = $1.97
Toothpaste     $2.97 – $0.50 MANU. COUPON = $2.47
Degree deodorant     $3.88 – $1.50 MANU. COUPON = $2.38
Icepack     $1.00     (which so far only serves to fall out of my freezer unexpectedly and almost take out my toes)
Nature Valley bars     $2.98 – $0.50 MANU. COUPON = $2.48
Dark chocolate bar     $2.48
Ketchup     $1.24
Ragu sauce     $1.68
More cheese for my lasagna recipe     $1.94
Ground beef     $4.28
Frosted Flakes     $3.98 – $1.00 MANU. COUPON = $2.98
Froot Loops     $3.98
Goldfish, bulk size     $7.48
Baby wipes     $1.88

SUBTOTAL     $74.11     (Subtotal without coupons would have been $80.66)
TAX     $0.81
TOTAL     $74.92


I don’t even really know how much I spent here, and this is why: My mother and I originally got two pairs of shoes there, and I had a Buy One, Get One 1/2 Off coupon from my email.  We spent (well, I spent) $62.76.  Then, I exchanged my pair for a better size, and I also bought another pair of boots, because as you know, size 2 shoes are hard to find without cartoon characters or excessive glitter on them.  That purchase/exchange costed $41.14 .  So who really knows how much I spent anymore, but it does look like I saved $20-something dollars…so we’ll call this expense $41.14 and call it a day.

And both my pairs of boots are really cute, just so you know.

8/26- BRAUM’S

Single dip of peppermint icecream     $1.39

TAX     $0.11
TOTAL     $1.50


Ice tea, pasta dish     $10.81 (The iced tea was free, and I didn’t even drink it!  I took it to my parents’ apartment to eat it, and I left it there!)


Flowers!     $9.87

TAX     $0.81
TOTAL    $10.68


Baby carrots     $1.69
Blackberries    $2.50
Blueberries    $2.50
Guacamole, 4 mini-paks for lunch    $2.99
Grape tomatoes    2 @ $1.50/each = $3.00
Green leaf lettuce    $1.29 (So apparently, I’ve been spending ~$3.00+ on hearts of romaine at Aldi and elsewhere when it was cheaper here.  Go figure.)
Raspberries    $2.50 (2 @ $1.25/each)
Wheat bread     $1.99 (Something is off about that bread.  I guess I like mine with chemicals, so I’ll stick with the bread from other stores.)

SUB/TOTAL     $18.46

8/31- KROGER

Gorton’s frozen fish     $3.99
Gorton’s frozen fish sticks    $3.99
Mashed potatoes    $2.50
Raspberry yogurt    $0.40
Raspberry yogurt    $0.40
Potato salad    $1.99
Strawberries    $2.29
Strawberries    $2.29
Milk    $3.19
Simply Orange juice     $3.99

SUB/TOTAL     $25.03

This ends the month of August.  This all adds up to $227.90.  As you can see, I really am trying to keep myself from spending all kinds of money on things I don’t need.  I discovered Sprouts is amazing for cheap produce.  And other healthy stuff.  It serves as a more affordable version of Whole Foods for me.  ALDI used to be good enough, but I watched as the quality of the produce declined, and when I finally was honest with myself, I realized this: when I don’t have good produce to eat, I start eating a bunch of processed and bad-for-me snacks.  So the solution is to spend a little money upfront and then later, I ideally won’t be medicating myself because of poor choices by Past Alex.

Oh, and in case you think I don’t have bills, I do:

Rent $739
Water, trash, etc. $47.66
Time Warner Cable $77.19
Dentist $49
State Farm (auto, 6 months in full) $374.25
Vehicle registration $64.25





Seriously, it does.  It isn’t that I’ve had some blossoming social life in the meantime.  Literally, I have a stack of receipts I am about to key in, and it’s all because I didn’t feel like dealing with them.  Sadly, the longer I put it off, the better I was at avoiding it.

Also, I have tasty cinnamon rolls in the oven for a late morning snack/brunch, so I will probably take a break shortly.  But I am determined to log this all in.

I know meat and potatoes are terrible for you, health-wise, but it tastes sooooo good every now and then.

I know meat and potatoes are terrible for you, health-wise, but it tastes sooooo good every now and then.



I really do prefer the lower percent milk.

I really do prefer the lower percent milk.

Awful picture of apples

Awful picture of apples

Kroger is excellent for sweets.

Kroger is excellent for sweets.

Okay, so maybe these are the apples and the other picture is the peach picture?

Okay, so maybe these are the apples and the other picture is the peach picture?

7/30     SUBWAY

Sandwich only     $4.33 (Tax = $0.33)

8/02     KROGER

Peaches     $1.46
French bread     $1.99
Cherry/grape tomatoes     $3.29
Hershey drops     $3.00
Febreze car clip     $1.49
Milk     $3.19
Yogurts (2 @ $0.40)     $0.80
Apples (5 for $2.00 deal)     $2.00
Strawberries     $2.00
Strawberries     $2.00
Raspberries     $2.99

TAX     $0.37
TOTAL     $24.58


Gas     12.174 gal @ $3.18/gal = $38.82

8/02     S&K BEVERAGES

Bacardi rum     $12.99
Beer, big can     $2.49

SUBTOTAL     $15.48
TAX     $1.28
TOTAL     $16.76

Ah, what a nice thing to take a cinnamon roll break.  Back to business, though…


Plastic yellow gloves    $3.19
Tank top    $6.30
Garnier leave in conditioner    $2.99
Cat litter    $12.34 – $1.00 MANU. COUPON = $11.34
(Also: CW: 5% off of $12.99)
Magnetic clips     $1.00
Febreze     $2.99 (Buy one get one free, so I did get two packages of stuff.  Also, the cashier screwed this up, so I ended up getting the other $2.99 in actual cash.)
Always pads     $6.99 – $0.50 MANU. COUPON = $6.49
Tampax     $4.66
Tampax     $6.99 – $2.00 MANU. COUPON = $4.99 – $0.94 CW = $4.05
– $3.99 MANU. COUPON
-$1.00 COUPON (Target)

SUBTOTAL     $43.23
TAX     $2.76
TOTAL     $44.08

8/05     SPROUTS

Iced blushberry black Tazo iced teas      $4.29 – $1.00 coupon = $3.29
Iced passion tea Tazo iced teas     $4.29 – $1.00 coupon = $3.29

TOTAL     $6.58

8/07     WALMART

23 pc tool set     $7.47

TAX     $0.62
TOTAL     $8.09

8/08     WALMART

French bread     $1.00
French bread     $1.00
Peaches     $1.66
Bananas     $1.09
Nilla wafers     $3.28
Candy      $0.98
Candy      $0.98
Hershey kisses     $2.88
Eggs     $1.98
Pizza sauce     $1.14
Pasta sauce     $1.50

SUBTOTAL     $17.49
TAX     $0.40
TOTAL     $17.89


Hamburger      $2.10
Fries     $1.60

SUBTOTAL     $3.70
TAX     $0.31
TOTAL     $4.01


Cabernet     $6.99

TAX     $0.58
TOTAL     $7.57

8/10     KROGER

Strawberries     $2.29
Raspberries     $0.99
Raspberries     $0.99
Grape/cherry tomatoes     $3.29
Peaches     $1.53
Apples (5 for $2.00 deal)     $2.00
Altoids     $1.50
Altoids     $1.50
Mentos fruity gum     $1.00
Juicy Fruit gum multipak     $2.00
Pillsbury biscuits     $1.09
Pillsbury cinnamon rolls     $1.79
Mashed potatoes     $3.00
Hormel meat loaf     $5.49
Milk     $2.50

TAX     $0.50
TOTAL     $31.46

8/10    KROGER GAS

Gasoline     11.28 gal @ $3.14/gal = $35.53


Buy 3, get one free nail wraps     $50


Shoes for my mother     $17.99
Boots for me     $39.99

SUBTOTAL     $57.98
TAX     $4.78
TOTAL     $62.76

8/16     TARGET

Lounging pillow     $12.99
Soup-to-go container     $5.94
Kleenex (2 @ $1.25/each)     $2.50
Kleenex (2 @ $1.25/each)     $2.50

SUBTOTAL     $24.92
TAX     $1.97
TOTAL     $25.89
NEW TOTAL     $20.89

8/16     KROGER

Peaches     $1.80
Blueberries     $2.50
Strawberries     $2.29
Raspberries     $0.99
Raspberries     $0.99
French bread     $1.99
Milk     $3.19

TOTAL     $13.75


Air bag light diagnostic charge + repair faulty sensor which was source of troubling light = $114
Courtesy car wash (I guess they thought my car was too filthy to work on otherwise)    FREE

TOTAL    $114

8/18     AUTOZONE

Goddamn battery for my car (but the other one lasted 3 years, so maybe I watch the complaining)     $104.99
Terminal protector    $1.49
Terminal protector, a different one    $1.99

SUBTOTAL    $108.47
TAX    $8.95
STATE BATTERY SALES FEE    $3.00 (Urgh. Texas.)
TOTAL     $120.42

8/22    EWC

Tip    $9

8/23    SPROUTS

Baby pineapple    $2.99
Blackberries    $2.50
Blueberries    $2.50
Grape tomatoes    $3.00 (2 @ $1.50/each = $3.00)
Organic baby carrots    $1.48
Organic romaine hearts    $2.99
Raspberries    $2.50
Strawberries    $2.50
Drinking water bottled     $2.50 (Damn- I just looked up from the computer and saw another multipack like what I JUST bought sitting in front of the fireplace in my apartment.  On the bright side, I am ready for the apocalypse as far as drinking water goes…)
Biotin     $5.99 (My nails keep breaking, and I’m sick of it.)

TOTAL    $28.95

I think it is worth noting that when I got the awful car repairs, Central KIA quoted me $293.14 to do everything.  I gave them a resounding, “NO” over the phone and told them only to repair the faulty sensor.  Keep in mind, that would have been $118 for the labor to repair the sensor, $39.95 for the labor to replace the battery, $103 for the battery, $23.69 for “Shop Sup.” (whatever the hell that is), and tax of $8.50.

Instead, I let KIA to their sensor check and fixing (no one else is willing to diagnose “check air bag” lights because of the liability, I suppose) and dragged my car to AutoZone.  I got the battery there, got some new connectors since my connectors were corroded, and got the battery installed for free because I embraced sexism.  AutoZone people are always male, and a poor, pathetic female in work clothes is not going to be capable of installing her own car battery.  I asked them to do it, and they did.  And it did not take that long, either.

Most importantly, I am NOT capable of installing my own car battery.  Maybe if I could do it and just chose not to, I should feel guilty about it.  But I don’t know how, so I don’t feel guilty.

This is $655.14 worth of spending.

Oh yeah, I just wrote a check to the State Farm people for my auto insurance policy of six months. That was $374.75.  Woo-hoo, let’s hear it for being an adult, y’all.

I get paid on Monday, and that will be grand.  I shall pay my rent then and also solidify my shopping list.  I’ve been putting off shopping for these things:

  • fake pearls
  • a house plant
  • toothpaste
  • animal crackers
  • maple syrup
  • tilapia
  • salmon
  • goldfish crackers
  • dark chocolate
  • home made lasagna ingredients

Why?  Because it’s all non-essential for now.  Well, toothpaste isn’t, but I don’t need it YET, so that makes it non-essential.


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