The Cash-Money Watch of the Century

Nom nom nom

Nom nom nom

Best veggie ever

Best veggie ever

Cookies! My own supply.

Cookies! My own supply.

oooo, the healthy and forbidden

oooo, the healthy and forbidden

All the greatness

All the greatness

Cooking stuff and the starch stuff

Cooking stuff and the starch stuff



Copay     $50
Rxs for infection     $7.30

TOTAL     $57.30


Tip     $8

4/04     SONIC

Jr Burger kid’s meal     $2.20
Kid’s drink     $0.99
Adult drink     $1.19

SUBTOTAL     $4.38
TAX     $0.36
TOTAL     $4.74 (total of $6 with tip left)


Installation charges     $95.45

4/05     PIZZA

Dinner food for myself and 2 friends who gamely helped me move     $20.59

4/06     ALDI

Sliced bread     $0.99
Eggs     $1.59
Yogurt     $0.39
Yogurt     $0.39
Blueberries     $1.79
Blackberries     $0.99
Strawberries     $1.19
Tomatoes     $1.79
Organic pasta sauce     $1.99
1% milk, 1/2 gallon     $1.99

SUB/TOTAL     $14.29

4/10     WALMART

Chicken strips     $6.98
Bertolli     $2.97
Tilapia fillets     $7.48
Salmon fillets     $9.88
Gorton’s fish fillets     $4.67
Frozen veggies     $1.98
Frozen veggies     $1.98
French bread     $1.58
Olive oil     $3.98
Tea     40.98
Yogurt     $3.78
Canola oil     $2.46
Margarine tub     $2.00
Blackberries     $3.48
Bananas     $0.68
Canada Dry      $3.00
Foil     $2.52
Romaine hearts     $2.98
Fish fry      $1.50
Fish fry      $1.50
Cheesecake     $1.97
Salt     $0.72
Peas     $1.00
Sandwich bag     $1.58
Milk     $2.68
Apple juice     $3.78
Animal crackers container     $6.98

-$0.50 COUPON
SUBTOTAL     $84.59
TAX     $0.67
TOTAL     $85.26


Regular visit     $125

4/10     FOOT DOCTOR

Copay      $50


Dining chairs     4 @ $33.74 = 134.96

TAX     $11.14
TOTAL     $146.10

4/12     KROGER GAS

Gas     $37.86

4/13     KROGER

Gala apples     $2.58
Raspberries     $2.50
Raspberries     $2.50
Blueberries     $2.50
Blueberries     $2.50
Strawberries     $2.50
Strawberries     $2.50

SUB/TOTAL     $17.58

4/14     LA FITNESS

Dues     $32.46   (it’s pending, but yeah, it’s gone)

So this is what $694.63 will buy you.  Keep in mind, $100 of that was god-awful doctor’s office co-pays, and I have yet to get my real bill from them.

Also, I went to refill my medication and remembered that my health insurance has a $200 copay for specialty medications, which my ADHD meds are.  BLARGH.  This means I will pay them $240-some dollars for the 30/60 day supply I am getting on Monday.  Fucking A.  Also, I am mailing off the other prescription I have to get the 3-6 month supply from the mail-in pharmacy, and when all is said and done, my medication spending will be over for the year.  After all, the last time I filled this puppy was October.  I can’t complain, really.  But urgh, did it have to run out this month?  Geez.

My toe is finally on the mend, so there shouldn’t be any more co-pays.  And you know what else?   No more expensive pedicures that make the problem worse.  While my right foot got infected/impacted (hence the extra meds and doctor co-pay), the thing of it is, this is it.  My toe should not be getting ingrown anymore.

But yeah, life is rough in the land of adults.  So what?  I am managing just fine…


Lady Liberty- doing her job, despite turning green due to weather and a rough life in the outdoors.

Lady Liberty- doing her job, despite turning green due to weather and a rough life in the outdoors.

Statue of Liberty Image via Boris Dzhingarov in Creative Commons



Space heater     $9.98
-20% OFF COUPON     -$2.00

SUBTOTAL     $7.98
TAX     $0.66
TOTAL     $8.64

3/29     GAS

Gasoline     $28.01


Replace rear brake pads

  • Labor $40
  • Parts $60
  • Playing around/looking at the owner’s new vegetable patch     FREE

SUBTOTAL/TOTAL     $100     (He waived the tax charge of $4.95)

3/29     BANK

My portion of the cell phone bill, donated to my mom     $40
Rent check for next month     $739

3/29     PETSMART

Prescription Cat Food     $19.99
Anti-hairball Greenies cat treats     2 @ $2.99/each = $5.48
Dental Greenies cat treats     $2.99
Regular cat food     $10.99

SUBTOTAL     $39.45
TAX     $1.61
TOTAL     $41.06

3/29     WALMART

TC IA SCP 20 (I have no clue what this was or what it could be, only the price and that I have it somewhere in the apt) $7.78
Bertolli dinner     $2.97
Bertolli dinner     $2.97
Garlic chicken Voila meal     $3.50
Bread     $1.58
Bertolli dinner     $2.97
Romaine hearts     $2.98
Night time Tylenol     $1.97
Day time Tylenol     $0.98
Kleenex     $0.97
Soup     4 @ $1.98/each = $7.92
Milk     $3.38
Peppermint tea     $0.98
Gum     $4.68
Packing tape     $2.97
Packing tape     $2.97
Strawberries     $3.48 (2 lb box)

SUBTOTAL     $56.62
TAX     $1.80
TOTAL     $58.32

3/30     CVS

Prescriptions (2)     $14.49

3/30     TARGET

Cotton swabs     $1.94
Croutons     $1.99
Gauze squares     $1.43
Ear plugs     $9.99
Huge yogurt     $2.39

SUBTOTAL     $17.74
TAX $0.93
TOTAL     $17.78

Vicious spending is afoot, my friends. This all adds up to a lovely total of $1047.29.  And this is in addition to the other awful total this month.

Keep in mind, this has been a particularly bad month.  All this stuff for the new apartment had to be secured, and among other things, being on your own is expensive.  But as I pointed out a long time ago, I am ready for this.  I may not feel ready, but I am.  Also, let’s note that I am a month ahead on rent, since the rent check for April was already made out a while ago.  This is gonna be May’s rent.

Also, I made myself a helpful list of the fixed expenses I can count on every month:

  • Rent     $739
  • Gas/Trash/Water/etc.     ~$50
  • Time Warner Cable     ~$80
  • Reliant     ~$90

Now, some of those estimates may seem high.  However, I would rather aim to a couple dollars higher and be pleasantly surprised rather than be screwed and scrambling at the end of the month.  Now, those guaranteed expenses add up to $959.  I am pleased about that.

As for the rest:

  • Medication     ?? (Haven’t really bought my ADHD medicine yet with the new insurance, but it will be a six month supply, so it shouldn’t be that much of a hardship.)
  • Car Insurance     ?? ~(380-390, I can’t remember, but it is for 6 months)
  • Wax pass     $375 (but purchased once a year, and I got mine in February)
  • Renter’s Insurance     $125 (Pretty sure I accounted for this earlier, but yeah, once a year is fine)

See, I will be fine.  I just have to remember to trust in myself, God, and know that I am ready for this.  And that is going to be the hardest part, because even though I know I am ready, I just don’t feel like it.  But really, is anyone ever ready to realize he/she is an adult with real responsibilities?  No.  So might as well get on it now.



3/9     KROGER GAS

Gasoline     $32.26

3/14     FREEBIRDS

Burrito bowl     $6.95
Chips     $3.50

SUBTOTAL     $10.45
TAX     $0.86
TOTAL     $11.31


4 Bundlet-cakes     $15.96
-BUY 3 GET ONE FREE OFFER     -$3.98



Money order payable to my podiatrist for my previous month’s surgery     $311.54

3/16     ALDI

Tomatoes     $0.89
Strawberries     $1.69
Strawberries     $1.69
Blackberries     $1.79
Blueberries     $1.79
Romaine hearts     $2.79
Sourdough     $1.99
Farfalle     $0.89
1% Milk 1/2 gallon     $1.89

SUB/TOTAL     $15.11

3/16     TARGET

Dish drying rack     $8.98
Bug bombs     $6.98
Kitchen towels (two)     $4.99
Invisible tape     $2.24
Office clips (binder clips and paper clips)     $3.49
Hand weights     $7.18 (2 @ $3.59/each)
Thermos water bottle     $14.24
Magnet set     $1.00

SUBTOTAL     $49.10
TAX     $4.05
TOTAL     $53.15

3/18     GAS STATION

Two Mega-Millions Lottery tickets w/ Megaplier     $4

3/18     FRYS

CD/DVD Wallet     $2.99
CD/DVD Wallet     $2.99
TV Stand     $99.99

SUBTOTAL     $105.97
TAX     $8.74
TOTAL     $114.71

3/20     TARGET

Strawberries     $2.49
Raspberries     $2.99
Sour Patch candy     $1.00
Hershey’s     $2.54
Vitamin Water     2 @ $0.80/each = $1.60

SUBTOTAL     $10.62
TAX     $0.67
TOTAL     $11.29


Copay and toe kit     $55

3/23     ALDI

Sourdough bread     $1.99
Potatoes     $1.89
Yogurts     4 @ $0.39/each = $1.54
Blackberries     $0.99
Blackberries     $0.99
Blueberries      $1.49
Penne pasta     $0.89
Pretzels     $1.29
Strawberries     $1.29
Strawberries     $1.29
Tampax tampons     $3.89 (18 count- what a ripoff, but I didn’t feel like going to Target)
Peanut butter     $1.69
Romaine hearts     $2.79
Milk     $1.99
Granola bars    $1.89
Chocolate     $0.99

SUBTOTAL     $26.91
TAX     $0.40
TOTAL     $27.31

Good heavens.  All those terrible expenses all at once.  I knew March was gonna be rough, but heavens!  Rough isn’t even close right now!

Also, to ALDI’s credit, they fix things beautifully when they screw up.  Today, they charged me for two extra bags of potatoes that I never bought, and when I went back to get the money, the manager happily and quickly got the return done and gave me my cash back.  I appreciate their ability to get things fixed quickly.  After all, my toe is still not happy with me, so driving around isn’t a ha-ha good time for me right now.

Holy mother of heavens.  I spent $647.65 in this period.  That is totally and completely ungodly to me, and I also have to pay a year’s worth of renter’s insurance bills on Monday to my new insurer.  Heavens. So while there are certainly “start-up costs” as people warned me, it really isn’t as awful as it could be.  Also, this month was rough: a $300+ doctor bill paid in full?  Heavens.

But as far as I am concerned, I don’t see a need to “spread out” bills like that over a period of a few months.  The car insurance lady asked me if I wanted to be billed monthly, and I told her “no.”  I don’t want to pay that stuff monthly, it just strings out the pain.  I’d rather have one month that I can anticipate everything expensive happening; this allows me to plan ahead and adjust spending other months accordingly.


Beware the ides (and eyes) of March!

Beware the ides (and eyes) of March!

Foxtrot Image via Bardfilm

OMG People.  Real life costs money.  Young adulthood looks nothing like MTV’s “Real World,” the ultimate reality soap opera of the 90′s that I never really watched.  And looking back, thank goodness.  Imagine how many fewer brain cells I would have now.

3/1     KROGER GAS

Gas     9.784 gallons @ $3.199/gal = $31.30

3/1     KROGER

Strawberries     $1.99
Strawberries     $1.99
Raspberries     $2.99
Blackberries     $1.99
Bed Bath and Beyond gift card     $25
Target Gift Card     $25

TOTAL     $58.96


As-is merchandise: Bormiolli Rocco glasses set, 16 pieces minus 1 (it got broken)     $14.98 (instead of $29.99)

-20% COUPON     -$3.00
SUBTOTAL     $11.98
TAX     $0.99
TOTAL     $12.97     (remaining balance is $12.03)


Fountain drink     $1.39

SUBTOTAL     $0.89
TAX     $0.07
TOTAL     $0.96


Eclipse gum      $2.79
Trident gum (fruity flavored)     $2.24
Vinegar     $1.34
Simply Apple Juice     $2.99
Dannon 4-pak of Greek Yogurt     $3.79
“Market Pantry” TUB   (I don’t remember what this is)     $3.19
Stick butter     $3.59
Hairbrush     $4.29
Measuring cups     $4.99
Bookcase     $32.00 (2 @ $16.00/each)

SUBTOTAL     $61.26
TAX     $4.07
TOTAL     $65.33 – $25 GIFT CARD = $40.33

3/2     WALMART

Milk     $3.28
French bread     $1.58

SUB/TOTAL     $4.86


Tip     $10


Febreze car clip     $2.74 – $0.75 MANUFACTURER’S COUPON = $1.99
Swiffer refills     $4.49 – $4.49 MANUFACTURER’S COUPON (buy one/get one free) = $0
Swiffer Sweeper     $9.99
Dawn soap     $4.49 – $0.25 MANUFACTURER’S COUPON = $4.24
Palmolive     $1.32
Downy     $8.99 – $0.50 MANUFACTURER’S COUPON = $8.49
Tide     $17.99 – $0.50 MANUFACTURER’S COUPON = $17.49
Dove bar soap     $4.82
Centrum chewable vitamins     $4.98
Chewable vitamin C     $7.37
Charmin toilet paper     $9.99

-TARGET COUPON ($20 off $50+ purchase on specific items)     -$20.00

SUBTOTAL     $50.63
TAX     $3.16
TOTAL     $53.79

3/6     CHIPOTLE

Steak bowl     $6.25 (but according to the website, it should have been $6.65. Weird)
TAX     $0.52
TOTAL     $6.77


3 pairs of pants- dry cleaning     $8.07
Environmental Fee     $0.45
Sales tax     $0.70

TOTAL     $9.22


2 pairs of pants- dry cleaning     $5.38
Environmental Fee     $0.45
Sales Tax     $0.48

TOTAL     $6.31

3/9     ALDI

Potatoes     $1.79
Sourdough     $1.99
Strawberries     $1.29
Strawberries     $1.29
Roma tomatoes     $0.89
Yogurt     $0.39 x 3 = $1.17
Blueberries     $1.79
Blackberries     $1.69
Shredded cheddar cheese     $2.99
Romaine hearts     $2.79
Pineapple     $1.19
Penne pasta     $0.89
Applesauce     $1.59
1% Milk, 1/2 gallon     $1.89
Maple cream cookies     $1.99

SUB/TOTAL     $25.23

In case you were curious, I am gearing up to move out on my own soon.  This involves lots of purchasing of things that I will need later.  The big stuff, like furniture and whatnot, I already have.  (Well, except for dining table chairs.  Still working on that.)  It’s all the little stuff like detergent, mops, glasses…I didn’t have much of this stuff already, and the stuff I did have got worn out over the past three years.  So, I got some brand new stuff for myself, and I plan on enjoying it all.

As far as moving costs go, they should be minimal. My father drives a truck, a friend of mine has offered up a dolly, and the place IS next door to us.  My father even joked today that we could pass things through the fence between the two apartment complexes as needed.  This means I shouldn’t have to rent a moving truck, which is good since those things are expensive to deal with.

Check out that Target trip with all the coupons.  I did really well, and you know what?  It didn’t require tons of planning and all kinds of other nonsense that extreme couponers make you believe you need to do.  Happily, all that stuff is sitting in a shopping bag ready to move to the next door apartment.  One thing I neglected to buy was bug bombs, which I will probably pick up at Wal-Mart before I pick up the keys.  I want that place to be bug-free before I move in.  But damn.  I’m $247.23 in the hole, and it’s only the 9th.


Whataburger     $2.99

Medium fries     $1.79

Medium (actually, ginormous) drink     $1.84


SUBTOTAL     $3.63

TAX     $0.30

TOTAL     $3.93

$1,023.14 for February.  Yikes.

Apartment floor plan

Apartment floor plan

This is what I get for not posting regularly.  I end up having to do massive, full-of stuff posts.

2/11     DONATION

Donation to charity through work     $25

2/15     SBARRO

Cheese slice of pizza    $3.29

TAX     $0.27
TOTAL     $3.56

2/15     WALMART

Starburst candy     $1.49
Hugs and Kisses     $2.50

SUBTOTAL     $3.99
TAX     $0.33
TOTAL     $4.32


Haircut (much needed)      $35
Tip     $7
TOTAL     $42

2/16     KROGER GAS

Gasoline      9.98 gal @ $2.94/gal = $29.45  (I got $0.20 off each gallon because of some gift cards and other stuff I bought.)


Lettuce     $2.09
Bread     $1.09
Strawberries     $3.49
Raspberries     $2.99
Blackberries     $3.49
Bagels      $1.52
Apple juice      $3.59
Cream cheese     $2.19
Ice cream     $1.98
Bertolli meals     (3 for a total of $16.53- I bought 3 at $5.51/each, and I got a $5 gift card back)

SUB/TOTAL     $38.96

2/19     WALMART

Flip flops     $0.98

TAX     $0.08
TOTAL    $1.06

2/21    CHIK-FIL-A

Chik-fil-a Chicken Sandwich meal    $5.79

SUBTOTAL    $5.79
TAX    $0.48
TOTAL     $6.27

2/22     KC TAILOR

Two pairs of pants: both hems altered, one waistline let out    $47.63


Two new tires     $122 ($61/each)
Two certificates for refund, replacement     $22
Tire disposal fee    $5
Installation and lifetime spin balancing    $32

SUBTOTAL     $181
TAX    $10.48
TOTAL     $191.48


Deposit, app fee, and whatever else they charge    $145

2/23     ALDI

Farfalle     $0.89
Farfalle     $0.89
Chocolate butter cookies     $1.69
Romaine hearts     $2.79
Sourdough     $1.99
Blueberries     $1.89
2% Milk     $2.49
Macaroni and cheese     $0.39
Croutons     $0.89
Tomatoes     $1.29
Strawberries     $1.59
Blackberries     $0.99
Blackberries     $0.99
Cheese ravioli     $2.29


So, while I did a lot of normal, boring spending, I think it is worth noting that I did some really exciting spending: putting down a deposit for an apartment.

Now, the moving process should be relatively easy because the complex is literally next door to the complex I live in right now with my parents.  That is part of what attracted me. Also, my complex had a fire issue, so maybe because quiet, boring people live there, there will be a lower chance that some one smokes part of a cigar, “puts it out,” and stores it in the shed “for later” (I swear I am not making this stuff up).  And yes, this what some other person in my current complex did.  Now, his entire building is out a place to live because he screwed the places up, and there was a blazing fire, and all these fire trucks came…craziness!

So, yeah, I am moving next door.  I had been putting the process off, but I knew I didn’t really want to move anywhere else, so I went ahead and reserved the apartment earlier this week with the deposit.  And thank heavens I did.  When I was signing the lease today, two different sets of people came out to look at the remaining one bedroom apartment available.  (Some semi-young men came by to look at a 2-bedroom apartment.  I guess apartments really are going fast right now.)

The move in date is April 5.  In the meantime, I need to arrange for utilities like internet and electricity.  Happily, my family has had good experiences with a local company, so I plan to make use of it.  As for the cable, there’s pretty much a monopoly on that in my area, so there’s really only one provider.  Whatever.

The base rent is $739.  There is no pet rent (happily, because I do have a cat.)  The cat fee and deposit is a total of $300.  They send you a separate bill for water, gas, and trash each (I guess putting it all on one card would make too much sense?).  Trash is a flat $5.99.  I get a carport as part of my rent (though I may be hesitant to use it during massive snowfall just because of some reports of them getting flattened from the weight of the ice/snow we got earlier in the year).  The average water bill is anywhere from $17.12 to $56.86.  On move-in day, I will owe them a total of $817.50, and that is with a discount.  (I do get a discount on the first month’s rent because I work for the local school district, and that discount is $122.50.)

Oh yeah.  It is 670 square feet, and it will be the perfect size for me, I am confident of that much.

Am I terrified? Yes.  Am I excited?  Yes.  Will this all work out fine and be a great learning experience for me? Wait for it…YES.

2/7     RACETRAC

Gas     10.387 gal @ $2.999/gal = $31.15
Diet Coke     $0.89


Tip     $10

Ingrown hair serum     $25
SUBTOTAL     $25
TAX     $2.06
TOTAL     $27.06


Year-long wax pass     $358

2/9     ALDI

Organic pasta sauce     $1.99
Romaine hearts     $2.79
Sourdough     $1.99
Cheese ravioli     $2.29
Penne     $0.89
Strawberries    $1.59
Strawberries    $1.59
Chocolate covered pretzels     $1.69
Organic grape tomatoes    $0.99
Blueberries    $1.49
Blackberries    $1.49
Milk     $2.29
Peanut butter     $1.69
Chocolate butter cookies    $1.49
Chocolate butter cookies     $1.49

(SUB)/TOTAL     $25.75

2/9     WALMART

Epsom salts     $4.97
Gauze     $1.24
Gauze     $1.24
Lint rollers     $2.88

SUBTOTAL     $10.33
TAX     $0.24
TOTAL     $10.57

Guys, ALDI SELLS ORGANIC FOOD.  Big shocker.  I had no idea that they were going to start doing that.  I’ve been shopping there for about a year now, and I noticed this about 3-4 months ago in the produce section: organic tomatoes.  That was it, and since it was a weird time of year, the prices were more than I could afford that month.

But now, over the past month, the organic section has grown.  There’s an actual small section of organic things: mainly tomatoes, spinach, carrots, apples…and there’s some stuff in the frozen section, but I generally don’t go organic when it comes to frozen stuff.  The reason this is such a thrill is because when I committed to doing my primary grocery shopping at ALDI, I assumed I would be sacrificing access to things like organic produce (not like I could ever afford it in the past, but hey, a girl could dream).  Instead, my grape tomatoes were NINETY NINE CENTS this week.  Now, that doesn’t always happen. I think they were $1.99 the last time I got them, but this is just great, really.  I can eat healthy, save money, and still stick to a value of fresh produce sans excessive pesticides and whatnot without killing my bank account.

After all, that’s what European Wax Center is for once a year.  Nothing like spending $300-odd all at once.  But I realized a long time ago that while the sticker shock hurts when it is paid all at once, it makes too much sense to not do it.  Also, since they are (yet again) raising their prices because the company is more popular, I can lock in a price for a year.

And PS!  I did decide to move to the apartments directly next door to where I am now. The base price of rent is higher at this apartment than one I saw in the west side of town, but once I add up the excess costs of driving to work a longer distance (gas) and whatnot, it just did not make sense.  Also, it will be incentive to continue to save money so that I can meet a long-term financial goal: buy my own condo.

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