The Cash-Money Watch of the Century

"spa" + castle image = Spa Castle

“spa” + castle image = Spa Castle

Goal this month: Spend between $1400 and $1900.  Which may or may not happen, since I know that I have to spend $125 for a doctor’s appt for sure tomorrow, and the optometrist is going to look at my eyes tomorrow, too, and I don’t know how much they will charge.

Oh, and my prescription will need to be refilled.  It’ll be about $700.  But it’s a six month supply, so I’ll be okay with that.


Cat food, large size     $29.99
Prescription cat food, large size     $42.59

SUBTOTAL    $72.58
TAX    $2.47
TOTAL     $75.05


Gasoline     5.089 gal @ $3.11/gal = $15.87

9/4- SPEC’S

Gift    $23.74


Strawberry margarita    $6.25
Beer    $7.90
Chicken enchiladas    $8.25
Beef quesadillas     $10.99
Water     $0.00

SUBTOTAL     $33.39
TAX    $2.76
SUBTOTAL W/ TAX     $36.15
GRATUITY (Group)     $6.01
TOTAL     $42.16 – $20 contribution by significant other = $22.16


Dole frozen fruit bag    $2.99 – $1.00 = 1.99
Eggs     $1.99
Frozen dessert pie thing     $2.99 – $1.00 = $1.99
Frozen dessert pie thing     $2.99 – $1.00 = $1.99
Bertolli frozen dessert     $2.99
Digiorno pizza    $3.89
Meat loaf dinner    $5.99 – $1.00 = $4.99
Beef tips dinner     $5.99 – $1.00 = $4.99
Milk    $2.50
Yogurts    3 @ $0.40/each = $1.20
Raspberries     $0.97
Raspberries     $0.97
Blackberries    $3.49
Bread    $1.79 (Notable: no chemical taste, despite what I suspect is more high fructose corn syrup and such.)
Lettuce    $0.99
Organic something    $1.50
Peaches    $2.91
Strawberries    $2.50
Grape tomatoes   $2.00

TOTAL    $45.64


Canyon Oaks cabernet    $4.99
Radius cabernet    $9.99
Wink Risque Red    $7.99

SUBTOTAL    $22.97
TAX    $1.90
TOTAL    $24.87

9/11- CVS

Contact lens case   $3.99
Daily cleaner    $5.99

SUBTOTAL    $9.98
TAX    $0.82
TOTAL    $10.80


Gym dues     $32.46


Guacamole minis     $2.99
Gala apples     $1.27
Grape tomatoes    $1.50
Green leaf lettuce    $1.29
Navel oranges    $1.72
Raspberries    $0.98
Red seedless grapes    $3.05

TOTAL    $12.80

9/13- KROGER

Milk    $3.19
Barilla pasta    5 @ $1.00/each = $5.00
Peach tea     $2.99
Drink mix     $2.50
Raspberry yogurt     3 @ $0.40/ each = $1.20
Kroger drink mix     $1.39
– $1.00 MANU. COUPON (these are the kind that are put out by the store, so I was surprised some punk-ass extreme-couponer from the area had not already stolen all of the coupons)

TAX    $0.11
TOTAL    $15.38


Gasoline     10.238 gal @ $3.139/gal = $32.14


Entry fee $35 – $10 paid by friend = $25
Drinks, food, etc. inside $17.82

TOTAL     $42.82 (totally worth it)

I am at $353.73 for the month right now.  And my low-end goal (which I always strive for) is $1,400?  That means I have $1,046.27 left to spend, most of which will be on bills, yes?  Well, about $835, if you consider rent/trash/electric, which I haven’t paid this month yet.

So basically, I will be glad I bought all that pasta on the cheap, because now, I will be raiding my cupboard for all things food since I am officially poor this month.  Great.

Game plan: Get a Netflix subscription so I will have less incentive to leave my house for any entertainment.  Eat all meals at home. Only buy fruit and milk and bread until you get paid.  We’re talking bare necessities.  Try to survive the month.

Also, my credit card balance is back to zero.  Hell’s Yes!



Gasoline     12.396 gal @ $3.09/gal = $38.42 (regular price per gal = $3.19)

8/24- TARGET

Ice cube trays     $1.99
GoGo apple saucw squeezers (4 pk)     $2.00
Dannon yogurts     $3.79 – $1.00 MANU. COUPON = $2.79

SUBTOTAL     $6.78
TAX     $0.16
TOTAL     $6.94


Animal crackers     $2.48 – $0.55 MANU. COUPON = $1.93 (This bag filled my container about 3/4 of the way, and it was INFINITELY cheaper than the one I was planning to buy.  That I couldn’t find.  I guess this worked out for me.)
Notebook paper     $0.75
Lasagna noodles     $1.68
Teddy grahams     $2.98
Teddy grahams     $2.98 – $0.75 MANU. COUPON = $2.23
Tilapia fillets     $7.98
Salmon     $9.88
Shredded mozzarella cheese     $3.48
Shredded cheese     $3.24
Dry erase markers     $2.97
Papermate pens     $2.47 – $0.50 MANU. COUPON = $1.97
Toothpaste     $2.97 – $0.50 MANU. COUPON = $2.47
Degree deodorant     $3.88 – $1.50 MANU. COUPON = $2.38
Icepack     $1.00     (which so far only serves to fall out of my freezer unexpectedly and almost take out my toes)
Nature Valley bars     $2.98 – $0.50 MANU. COUPON = $2.48
Dark chocolate bar     $2.48
Ketchup     $1.24
Ragu sauce     $1.68
More cheese for my lasagna recipe     $1.94
Ground beef     $4.28
Frosted Flakes     $3.98 – $1.00 MANU. COUPON = $2.98
Froot Loops     $3.98
Goldfish, bulk size     $7.48
Baby wipes     $1.88

SUBTOTAL     $74.11     (Subtotal without coupons would have been $80.66)
TAX     $0.81
TOTAL     $74.92


I don’t even really know how much I spent here, and this is why: My mother and I originally got two pairs of shoes there, and I had a Buy One, Get One 1/2 Off coupon from my email.  We spent (well, I spent) $62.76.  Then, I exchanged my pair for a better size, and I also bought another pair of boots, because as you know, size 2 shoes are hard to find without cartoon characters or excessive glitter on them.  That purchase/exchange costed $41.14 .  So who really knows how much I spent anymore, but it does look like I saved $20-something dollars…so we’ll call this expense $41.14 and call it a day.

And both my pairs of boots are really cute, just so you know.

8/26- BRAUM’S

Single dip of peppermint icecream     $1.39

TAX     $0.11
TOTAL     $1.50


Ice tea, pasta dish     $10.81 (The iced tea was free, and I didn’t even drink it!  I took it to my parents’ apartment to eat it, and I left it there!)


Flowers!     $9.87

TAX     $0.81
TOTAL    $10.68


Baby carrots     $1.69
Blackberries    $2.50
Blueberries    $2.50
Guacamole, 4 mini-paks for lunch    $2.99
Grape tomatoes    2 @ $1.50/each = $3.00
Green leaf lettuce    $1.29 (So apparently, I’ve been spending ~$3.00+ on hearts of romaine at Aldi and elsewhere when it was cheaper here.  Go figure.)
Raspberries    $2.50 (2 @ $1.25/each)
Wheat bread     $1.99 (Something is off about that bread.  I guess I like mine with chemicals, so I’ll stick with the bread from other stores.)

SUB/TOTAL     $18.46

8/31- KROGER

Gorton’s frozen fish     $3.99
Gorton’s frozen fish sticks    $3.99
Mashed potatoes    $2.50
Raspberry yogurt    $0.40
Raspberry yogurt    $0.40
Potato salad    $1.99
Strawberries    $2.29
Strawberries    $2.29
Milk    $3.19
Simply Orange juice     $3.99

SUB/TOTAL     $25.03

This ends the month of August.  This all adds up to $227.90.  As you can see, I really am trying to keep myself from spending all kinds of money on things I don’t need.  I discovered Sprouts is amazing for cheap produce.  And other healthy stuff.  It serves as a more affordable version of Whole Foods for me.  ALDI used to be good enough, but I watched as the quality of the produce declined, and when I finally was honest with myself, I realized this: when I don’t have good produce to eat, I start eating a bunch of processed and bad-for-me snacks.  So the solution is to spend a little money upfront and then later, I ideally won’t be medicating myself because of poor choices by Past Alex.

Oh, and in case you think I don’t have bills, I do:

Rent $739
Water, trash, etc. $47.66
Time Warner Cable $77.19
Dentist $49
State Farm (auto, 6 months in full) $374.25
Vehicle registration $64.25





Seriously, it does.  It isn’t that I’ve had some blossoming social life in the meantime.  Literally, I have a stack of receipts I am about to key in, and it’s all because I didn’t feel like dealing with them.  Sadly, the longer I put it off, the better I was at avoiding it.

Also, I have tasty cinnamon rolls in the oven for a late morning snack/brunch, so I will probably take a break shortly.  But I am determined to log this all in.

I know meat and potatoes are terrible for you, health-wise, but it tastes sooooo good every now and then.

I know meat and potatoes are terrible for you, health-wise, but it tastes sooooo good every now and then.



I really do prefer the lower percent milk.

I really do prefer the lower percent milk.

Awful picture of apples

Awful picture of apples

Kroger is excellent for sweets.

Kroger is excellent for sweets.

Okay, so maybe these are the apples and the other picture is the peach picture?

Okay, so maybe these are the apples and the other picture is the peach picture?

7/30     SUBWAY

Sandwich only     $4.33 (Tax = $0.33)

8/02     KROGER

Peaches     $1.46
French bread     $1.99
Cherry/grape tomatoes     $3.29
Hershey drops     $3.00
Febreze car clip     $1.49
Milk     $3.19
Yogurts (2 @ $0.40)     $0.80
Apples (5 for $2.00 deal)     $2.00
Strawberries     $2.00
Strawberries     $2.00
Raspberries     $2.99

TAX     $0.37
TOTAL     $24.58


Gas     12.174 gal @ $3.18/gal = $38.82

8/02     S&K BEVERAGES

Bacardi rum     $12.99
Beer, big can     $2.49

SUBTOTAL     $15.48
TAX     $1.28
TOTAL     $16.76

Ah, what a nice thing to take a cinnamon roll break.  Back to business, though…


Plastic yellow gloves    $3.19
Tank top    $6.30
Garnier leave in conditioner    $2.99
Cat litter    $12.34 – $1.00 MANU. COUPON = $11.34
(Also: CW: 5% off of $12.99)
Magnetic clips     $1.00
Febreze     $2.99 (Buy one get one free, so I did get two packages of stuff.  Also, the cashier screwed this up, so I ended up getting the other $2.99 in actual cash.)
Always pads     $6.99 – $0.50 MANU. COUPON = $6.49
Tampax     $4.66
Tampax     $6.99 – $2.00 MANU. COUPON = $4.99 – $0.94 CW = $4.05
– $3.99 MANU. COUPON
-$1.00 COUPON (Target)

SUBTOTAL     $43.23
TAX     $2.76
TOTAL     $44.08

8/05     SPROUTS

Iced blushberry black Tazo iced teas      $4.29 – $1.00 coupon = $3.29
Iced passion tea Tazo iced teas     $4.29 – $1.00 coupon = $3.29

TOTAL     $6.58

8/07     WALMART

23 pc tool set     $7.47

TAX     $0.62
TOTAL     $8.09

8/08     WALMART

French bread     $1.00
French bread     $1.00
Peaches     $1.66
Bananas     $1.09
Nilla wafers     $3.28
Candy      $0.98
Candy      $0.98
Hershey kisses     $2.88
Eggs     $1.98
Pizza sauce     $1.14
Pasta sauce     $1.50

SUBTOTAL     $17.49
TAX     $0.40
TOTAL     $17.89


Hamburger      $2.10
Fries     $1.60

SUBTOTAL     $3.70
TAX     $0.31
TOTAL     $4.01


Cabernet     $6.99

TAX     $0.58
TOTAL     $7.57

8/10     KROGER

Strawberries     $2.29
Raspberries     $0.99
Raspberries     $0.99
Grape/cherry tomatoes     $3.29
Peaches     $1.53
Apples (5 for $2.00 deal)     $2.00
Altoids     $1.50
Altoids     $1.50
Mentos fruity gum     $1.00
Juicy Fruit gum multipak     $2.00
Pillsbury biscuits     $1.09
Pillsbury cinnamon rolls     $1.79
Mashed potatoes     $3.00
Hormel meat loaf     $5.49
Milk     $2.50

TAX     $0.50
TOTAL     $31.46

8/10    KROGER GAS

Gasoline     11.28 gal @ $3.14/gal = $35.53


Buy 3, get one free nail wraps     $50


Shoes for my mother     $17.99
Boots for me     $39.99

SUBTOTAL     $57.98
TAX     $4.78
TOTAL     $62.76

8/16     TARGET

Lounging pillow     $12.99
Soup-to-go container     $5.94
Kleenex (2 @ $1.25/each)     $2.50
Kleenex (2 @ $1.25/each)     $2.50

SUBTOTAL     $24.92
TAX     $1.97
TOTAL     $25.89
NEW TOTAL     $20.89

8/16     KROGER

Peaches     $1.80
Blueberries     $2.50
Strawberries     $2.29
Raspberries     $0.99
Raspberries     $0.99
French bread     $1.99
Milk     $3.19

TOTAL     $13.75


Air bag light diagnostic charge + repair faulty sensor which was source of troubling light = $114
Courtesy car wash (I guess they thought my car was too filthy to work on otherwise)    FREE

TOTAL    $114

8/18     AUTOZONE

Goddamn battery for my car (but the other one lasted 3 years, so maybe I watch the complaining)     $104.99
Terminal protector    $1.49
Terminal protector, a different one    $1.99

SUBTOTAL    $108.47
TAX    $8.95
STATE BATTERY SALES FEE    $3.00 (Urgh. Texas.)
TOTAL     $120.42

8/22    EWC

Tip    $9

8/23    SPROUTS

Baby pineapple    $2.99
Blackberries    $2.50
Blueberries    $2.50
Grape tomatoes    $3.00 (2 @ $1.50/each = $3.00)
Organic baby carrots    $1.48
Organic romaine hearts    $2.99
Raspberries    $2.50
Strawberries    $2.50
Drinking water bottled     $2.50 (Damn- I just looked up from the computer and saw another multipack like what I JUST bought sitting in front of the fireplace in my apartment.  On the bright side, I am ready for the apocalypse as far as drinking water goes…)
Biotin     $5.99 (My nails keep breaking, and I’m sick of it.)

TOTAL    $28.95

I think it is worth noting that when I got the awful car repairs, Central KIA quoted me $293.14 to do everything.  I gave them a resounding, “NO” over the phone and told them only to repair the faulty sensor.  Keep in mind, that would have been $118 for the labor to repair the sensor, $39.95 for the labor to replace the battery, $103 for the battery, $23.69 for “Shop Sup.” (whatever the hell that is), and tax of $8.50.

Instead, I let KIA to their sensor check and fixing (no one else is willing to diagnose “check air bag” lights because of the liability, I suppose) and dragged my car to AutoZone.  I got the battery there, got some new connectors since my connectors were corroded, and got the battery installed for free because I embraced sexism.  AutoZone people are always male, and a poor, pathetic female in work clothes is not going to be capable of installing her own car battery.  I asked them to do it, and they did.  And it did not take that long, either.

Most importantly, I am NOT capable of installing my own car battery.  Maybe if I could do it and just chose not to, I should feel guilty about it.  But I don’t know how, so I don’t feel guilty.

This is $655.14 worth of spending.

Oh yeah, I just wrote a check to the State Farm people for my auto insurance policy of six months. That was $374.75.  Woo-hoo, let’s hear it for being an adult, y’all.

I get paid on Monday, and that will be grand.  I shall pay my rent then and also solidify my shopping list.  I’ve been putting off shopping for these things:

  • fake pearls
  • a house plant
  • toothpaste
  • animal crackers
  • maple syrup
  • tilapia
  • salmon
  • goldfish crackers
  • dark chocolate
  • home made lasagna ingredients

Why?  Because it’s all non-essential for now.  Well, toothpaste isn’t, but I don’t need it YET, so that makes it non-essential.


Handsome, right?

Handsome, right?

…but it makes a beautiful fake plant.

Money flower image via Evan-Amos on Wikimedia Commons 

Listen up, kids: what follows is $673.99 of spending.

Oh yeah, I paid my bills, too:

Rent     $739
Water/trash/etc     $44.36
Reliant     $45.02
TWC     $77.19

Sadly, that can not be included as part of the $652.16 of spending, but hey, I’m doing better.

I think the most important part is that I am being more cognizant of my spending, even though I do not get on here every three days like I used to.  Instead, I watch my wallet, I pay cash for stuff even though it makes my wallet empty and seems to annoy clerks at stores, and I make a plan each month.

Here is the plan for next month:

  • Rent     $739- DONE
  • Water/trash/etc     $44.36- DONE
  • Reliant     $45.02 (done recently, and my billing cycle is odd, so it usually comes on the 12th-14th, so I’ll watch for the next one)
  • TWC     (The bill for next month hasn’t come yet, and it comes around the 5th or 6th of the month…)
  • Mommy     $40-DONE
  • LA Fitness     $32.46
  • Wells Fargo Credit Card     $90.40 (due soon)
  • Dallas Morning News subscription     $11.52 (monthly)
  • ANN Taylor LOFT     $47.71 ( due 8/21)

I will need to call my car insurance person this week and find out when the new policy is required.  My dad and I use the same lady, but I think I was supposed to look into another company (in all the spare time that I ended up using to watch “Orange is the New Black” on Netflix or reading my books from the library).

As for the non-fixed items of interest:

  • Food     $120 ($30/week)
  • Gas    $70
  • EWC     $10
  • Target/Walmart trip     $60 < x < $80

And really, that’s all I can think of right now.

Is it okay to whine about how annoying it is to have a car door that doesn’t open and that requires expensive car latch parts to fix?  Yes?

No, probably not.  But I guess I should be glad I live in a country where my biggest problems are whether my car door opens at my request.


Oil change     $39.99
-Discount coupon     10% off
SUBTOTAL     $43.99
TAXABLE     $17.99
TAX     $1.48
TOTAL     $41.07

7/11     KROGER

Organic strawberries     $2.00
Organic strawberries     $2.00
Blackberries     $2.00
Goldfish crackers, huge size     $6.99
Grape tomatoes     $3.29
Organic blueberries     $2.00
Organic blueberries     $2.00
Godiva chocolate     $2.21
Hershey kisses     $3.50
Hershey kisses     $3.50
Diet coke     $3.34
Muffins     $2.99
Apple drink     $0.50
Coca-Cola (bottled, one)     $1.00

TAX     $1.16
TOTAL     $38.48


Gifts for parents     $100

7/12     KROGER GAS

Gasoline     $36.74 (11.556 gal @ $3.17/gal).  I used my $0.30/gal discount on this trip, hence the suspiciously low gas price.


Shower caddy     $11
Sunglasses     $12.99
SUBTOTAL     $23.99
TAX     $1.98
TOTAL     $25.97

7/13     PETSMART

Prescription cat food     $20.99

7/18     ALBERTSON’S

24 pack of bottled water     $2.22
French bread     $1.69
Pork loins     $38.67 – $24.98 = $13.69 (buy one get two free deal)

TOTAL     $17.60

7/18     KROGER

Blue bell sherbet     $2.50
Granola bars     $3.89
Granola bars     $3.89
Froot Loops     $1.99
Frosted Flakes     $1.99
Viva paper towels     $5.99
Cottonelle toilet paper     $5.99
-$1.98 (2/$10 Tissue/Towel deal)

TAX     $0.74
TOTAL     $23.50

7/19     NTTA

New TollTag (except it is a sticker, should be cheaper, right? WRONG)     $40

7/19     EYE DOCTOR

Eye exam, all that jazz      $69.25 (some $304-odd dollars were billed to my vision insurance)

7/20     ALDI

Farfalle     $0.89
Macaroni and cheese     $0.39
Farfalle     $0.89
Sweet relish     $1.29
Mayo     $1.99
Pasta salad kits     $0.99
Tuna     $0.69
Tuna     $0.69
Spaghetti     $1.49
93% Lean ground beef     $4.85
Strawberries     $0.99
Pineapple     $1.79
Blueberries     $1.19
Grape tomatoes     $1.99
Wheat bread     $1.89
Apples     $3.99 (total waste of money, 3/4 were bruised or spoiled)
Organic pasta sauce     $1.99
2% Milk     $2.69
Yogurt     $0.39
Yogurt     $0.39
Yogurt     $0.39
Croutons     $0.89

SUB/TOTAL     $35.53

7/22     LOFT

Beautiful dress     $69.50

SUBTOTAL     $54.50
TAX     $4.50
TOTAL     $59


Credit Card payment $20

7/23     WALMART

Pineapple, canned     $1.38
Jell-O, 2 packs     $1.42 (2 @ $0.74/each)
Whipped topping (Cool Whip, non-name brand)     $1.42


7/24     WALMART

Buttermilk (small size)      $1.48


Actuator      $66.29
Latch “assy”     $49.52 (hey, that’s what the invoice says)

Shipping      $11.58
TOTAL     $127.39

7/25      EWC

Tip     $8

7/26      CVS

Prescription, strong-ass kind     $2.79

7/26    KROGER

Ground beef     $4.99
Tomatoes    $3.29
Raspberries    $2.99
Blackberries    $3.49
Strawberries     $2.07
Bread     $1.00
Carbmaster yogurt (10 for $4.00 deal)     $4.00

TOTAL     $21.83



Image via Wikimedia Commons user SolarSurfer

See when I think of bugs, I like to think happy, like the picture above.

But in reality, it’s more like this:

AAAAAAAA! Smash it!

Image via Wikimedia Commons user Muhammad Mahdi Karim

My apartment recently had a bug problem, and the bug that I found IN MY CUPBOARD WITH MY DISHES looked more like this:

Image via Wikimedia Commons user Saphan 

And yes, that picture is huge.  In reality, the thing was about 1&1/2 inches long, so it wasn’t a big huge scary one.

But as far as jumping out of my dishes to run up my ceiling, any size will do as far as scaring me.  And rather than take care of the thing like an adult (“Baby,” my dad reassured me over the phone, “who has the advantage, size-wise?” “Me,” I whimpered, “but what if it eats my face first??”  “Alex…”)

…I screamed at it first while it ran away from me, in hopes that screaming at it would make it drop dead.  It didn’t work.

Once my dad came over to take care of it (I know, I know), I spent the rest of my weekend stocking up on Raid and other bug killers.  I put a bunch of roach motels in each room of the apartment (and there’s about 4 in the kitchen alone), got that funny bug plug-in from Bed Bath and Beyond, and now I haven’t seen any bugs so far.  I plan to keep it that way.  I thoroughly rinsed all my dishes and left them out of the cupboard so that I could install the bait motels and also spray a little bit of ant/roach spray into each corner of the cupboards.  I also sprayed my baseboards and the entryway to my apartment.

I also cried about the bug problem, but that lasted for about 30 seconds before I realized it wasn’t changing the situation, so why was I wasting my time/tears on that literal shitbug?

Nevertheless, the apartment complex must have received other reports, because they put a nice notice on everyone’s door that spraying would happen on the 2nd of July, and could you please vacate the premises, including pets, for that day?

Boarding my cat costs me money, so I wasn’t thrilled.  But as my dad and mom pointed out, “That means they are actually doing something serious about it, which is more than anyone else does.”  And, the cat was more than happy to see me later, which makes her appreciate home that much more.

I am much more aware of the cleanliness in my apartment now, so this gives me incentive to clean with bleach more often.

7/2     PETSMART

Kitty apartment     $20
Overnight stay     $12

TOTAL     $32

7/5     WALMART

Milk 1 Gallon     $3.48
Baby carrots     $1.78
Apple juice concentrate     $1.18
Greek yogurt     4 @ $0.90/each = $3.60
Strawberries     $3.48 (but it was a big pack)
Blueberries     $1.98
Bandages     $0.96
Finger-barriers     $1.97
Clementines     $5.87
Eggs     $1.54
French bread     $1.00
Yogurt 4 pack    $1.88
Romaine hearts     $2.98
Tomatoes     $2.40

SUB/TOTAL     $34.10


Woo hoo, don't those bags look enticing?

Woo hoo, don’t those bags look enticing?

In case you didn't know, I like peas.

In case you didn’t know, I like peas.

I am not getting any more bugs in this apartment, so I got some bleach to clean the counters.

I am not getting any more bugs in this apartment, so I got some bleach to clean the counters.

Hot underwear, y'all.  Same goes for the socks.

Hot underwear, y’all. Same goes for the socks.

The thing on the right: huge waste of $1.  Waiting for my measuring spoons to show up, now that I have effectively replaced them.

The thing on the right: huge waste of $1. Waiting for my measuring spoons to show up, now that I have effectively replaced them.

I live alone, and there exists a need for two types of frozen ice cream.

I live alone, and there exists a need for two types of frozen ice cream.

Woo hoo, I finally have some ibuprofen in the house that didn't expire last year.

Woo hoo, I finally have some ibuprofen in the house that didn’t expire last year.

Don't you love the faces they make out of the food?

Don’t you love the faces they make out of the food?

Haven't made the Tazo tea yet, but I did make some of the green tea, and the caffeinated quality is just such that I was able to stay awake at work, but not enough to keep me up at night.

Haven’t made the Tazo tea yet, but I did make some of the green tea, and the caffeinated quality is just such that I was able to stay awake at work, but not enough to keep me up at night.

Nom nom nom.

Nom nom nom.

Those shorts are gonna look damn good today.

Those shorts are gonna look damn good today.

Same goes for that bra. Both of them.

Same goes for that bra. Both of them.



Radius Cabernet      $9.99
Radius Cabernet     $9.99

SUBTOTAL     $19.98
TAX     $1.65
TOTAL     $21.63

6/14     HOME DEPOT

Roach bait     $5.47
Raid wasp killer     $4.48
Bounty Basic paper towels     $1.00
Raid spray (ant and roach)     $7.47
Sponge     $2.44
Citronella candle     $5.00

SUBTOTAL     $25.86
TAX     $2.13
TOTAL     $27.99


Riddex plug-in     $14.99
TAX     $1.24
TOTAL     $16.23

Gift Card- $12.03
Remainder: $4.20

6/14     KROGER GAS

Gasoline     10.518 gal @ $3.239/gal = $34.07

6/15    ALDI

Spaghetti     $1.19
Alfredo sauce     $1.69
Organic baby carrots     $1.49
1% Milk 1/2 gallon      $2.09
Tomatoes     $0.99
Blackberries     $1.89
Strawberries     $2.58 (2 @ $1.29/each)
Blueberries     $1.29 (waste of money- all were spoiled, and I realized this too late to take them back.)
Wheat bread     $1.39

SUB/TOTAL     $14.60

6/22     ALDI

Large eggs     $1.65
Sourdough    $1.99
Garlic bread     $1.79
Ice cream sandwich     $2.29
Chocolate butter cookies     $1.69
Red grapes     $1.69
Strawberries     2 @ $1.49/each = $2.98
Blackberries     $1.89
Blueberries     $1.19
Multigrain waffles     $1.29
1% Milk 1/2 gallon      $2.09

SUB/TOTAL     $20.54

6/22     KROGER GAS

Gasoline     8.435 gal @ $3.469/gal = $29.26      Dang, look at that price jump.  I used a $0.10 reward on the previous visit, but still.

6/25     BANK

Deposit to mother’s account     $40
PMO for Rent     $739
PMO for Gas, water, etc.     $47.58


Target brand spray bleach (like Tilex)      $2.99
Lysol toilet fresher-upper clips     $2.99
Clearance-priced underwear     $1.50
Clearance-priced underwear     $1.50
Hanes cotton underwear 3 pack     $9.00
Target-branded demi bra     $14.44 (CW: $15% taken off of orig.$16.99)
Gold Toe socks     $11.00
Clearance sports bra     $5.08
Hot shorts     $18.99
Starburst minis pack     $2.36 (CW: 5% off of $2.49)
Ritz crackers     $2.00
Tyson frozen meat bags: chicken and pulled pork     $12 (2 for $12 deal)
Carrots     $1.69
Tazo tea     $3.00 (Really $2.00 since I had a bad ass coupon from Tazo)
Lipton instant green tea mix     $2.24
Baking soda     $0.67
Sugar     $2.27 (CW: 5% off of $2.39)
Strawberries     $3.69 (CW: 5% off of $3.89)
Raspberries     $1.90 (CW: 5% off of $2.00)
Raspberries     $1.90 (CW: 5% off of $2.00)
Frozen peas     $0.89 (CW: 10% off of $0.99)
Frozen peas     $0.89 (CW: 10% off of $0.99)
Frozen apple juice concentrate     $1.47
Frozen fruit     $2.96 (CW: 10% off of $3.29)
1% Milk     $3.49
Simply Juice (Raspberry lemonade)     $2.00
Blue Bell ice cream pint     $1.87
Blue Bell ice cream pint     $1.87
Ben and Jerry’s ice cream single serve     $1.02
Nail deco kit     $5.99 I’m gonna use this thing today, and I can already tell you my nails are gonna be fabulous.
Shampoo     $2.54
Elastic headbands     $4.69 (you can’t buy just 1 or 2, you have to buy a 4 pack)
Ibuprofen     $2.47 (CW: 5% off of $2.60)
Glass jar     $3.99 It is hinged- now I will never have to hassle with the garlic jar again.
Measuring spoons and cups     $1.99 I lost my measuring spoons I did have, and this was the cheapest way to get more.
Plastic bowls     $0.99
Up and up plastic bags for food     $2.49
Up and up plastic bags for food     $3.79
Up and up plastic bags for food     $3.79
Wipes     $4.55 (CW: 5% off of $4.79) I am never buying these again there, this is highway robbery.
Toilet paper     $7.99
Cat litter     $12.34 (CW: 5% off of $12.99)
Up and up version of Immodium     $2.51 (CW: 5% off of $2.65)
Ramekins (but really just glass bowls that are perfect for ice cream     $1.98 (2  @ $0.99/each)

-$5 off of $30+ grocery purchase Target coupon
-$1 off of $5+ fruit purchase Target coupon
-$1 off TAZO tea purchase

SUBTOTAL     $172.77
TAX     $9.97
TOTAL     $181.10


6/27     EWC

Tip     $10

I don’t even know what to stay or where to start.  What I will say is this: $1169.97, and that’s what I get for it?  For once, I’d have to say this isn’t that bad.

There’s a lot of side-whining going on in this post, but that was to note to myself later where things went wrong.  I also know I lost a receipt that went to a Kroger visit, and I am really irritated I lost it since it showed the price-gouging that they do on the Digiorno cheese I like to use on my pasta.  I paid almost $6 for it at Kroger, and when I went to Walmart today (I’ll do another post for that later), I saw it for about $3.00.

I guess the biggest thing I have to be more aware of is that there are some specific places I need to go for certain things.  I will always need a supply of frozen fish to eat, so when I head to Walmart for that, I need to be more conscientious and get some pasta cheese then, too.

Most importantly, you’ll notice I did not have a slew of coupons this time at Target, and that killed my bottom line.  I have got to waste more time combining coupons, sales, and Cartwheel offers.  You’ve seen me get more stuff there for less.  Also, clothes are expensive at Target, so I may need to shift more clothes purchases (when it is workout clothes, that it) to Walmart.

Target’s quality of clothing is so much better, though!  And they had my size of underwear, too!  Super duper midget size is not very common (the underwear pack I bought is offered cheaper through Amazon, but wait for it- my size wasn’t offered the last time I looked last month- urgh- let’s hope that changes next month).

Did I mention that I still haven’t bought the one thing I really have needed all summer: sunglasses?  Urgh.  But when I went to Walmart today, I saw they have reasonable ones for less than $10, something Target doesn’t offer, so I guess I’ll make a stop at Walmart this week and find my dream pair of sunglasses.





6/01     ALDI

Strawberries     $1.19
Kiwi     $1.29
Blackberries     $1.89
Sourdough     $1.99
Bananas      $0.59
Baby carrots     $0.99
Ravioli     $2.49
Strawberries     $1.19
Romaine hearts     $2.79
Croutons     $2.79
Blueberries     $2.79
Yogurts     $1.54
Eggs     $2.09
Milk     $2.09
Tomatoes     $3.98

SUBTOTAL     $27.31


Book     $7.99
Robot kit     $14.95

SUBTOTAL     $22.94
TAX     $1.89
TOTAL     $24.83

6/03     SPROUTS

Honey      $7.79
Vitamins     $7.99

SUBTOTAL     $15.78

6/06     GLORIAS

Enchiladas, mixed drink     $24.88

Valet     $5


Blouse top     $12
Another blouse top     $12
Sleeveless sweater     $10
Shorts     $24.99

SUBTOTAL     $58.99
TAX     $4.87
TOTAL     $63.86


Bearpaw shoes     $24.99
Blowfish summer shoes     $29.99

SUBTOTAL     $54.98
TAX     $4.54
TOTAL     $59.92

Well shoot.  These few days so far have blown my budget.  This is $221.58.

But you know what?  That’s kind of okay.  The shoes have been a purchase I have put off for ages, and the soft ones are an indulgence, but I am thrilled about them.  So so soft.

And the clothes will allow me to have more to wear at work this summer during the long days.  We start working ten hour days on Monday, so that might also help me keep from going shopping- if I am too exhausted to do anything except work and sleep, it might be good for me financially.


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